The complete solution to your credentialing needs!

Experienced Support

With over 30+ years experience in healthcare credentialing and management, our team can make your work enjoyable again! We offer fast, dependable and compliant credentialing verification services for your organization.

Reduce Errors & Costs

Our services are tailored to your size and specific needs. Whether you have 10 providers or 10,000, Allied Physicians can easily manage the complexities of the credentialing process to reduce errors, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

Secure & Paperless

We provide a paperless system for storing, managing, and securely transporting credentialing files and confidential information. This allows us to develop physician data with integrity, which saves thousands of dollars for our clients in their credentialing processes.

Simple Flat Rate

Allied charges a simple flat rate per provider file. Contact us today to talk about your needs and let us make a seamless transition to prepare you for your next Credentialing Committee meeting!